Indie Delve: An interview with the devs of CodeSpells

NOTE: The horrible formatting of images and video within this article are the results of Kotaku's awful platform known as Kinja, and its inability to understand how proper formatting works. All concerns and complaints about the formatting of this article should be directed to Kotaku/Kinja staff. As I'm currently… »9/29/14 4:00pm9/29/14 4:00pm


Reminder: Only 4 more days to back Noct on Kickstarter!

Just a friendly reminder to everyone out there, the great looking indie game Noct, being developed by Chris Eskins, only has four more days until its Kickstarter is over! Head over and toss him a few bucks! Game development is hard and expensive, so every little bit will help! »9/20/14 4:15pm9/20/14 4:15pm

Global Game Jam 2014: The greatest learning experience I've ever had

Note: Before you continue reading, a tiny word of warning. I am exhausted. I have zero expectations of myself for the next two days, other than sleeping. Additionally, I am avoiding my ADD meds as well so I can sleep. I'm also not going to bother proofreading, or editing this, so the following may be a bit off. »1/27/14 9:40pm1/27/14 9:40pm