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Yes! It's Saturday again! You know what that means. No school, all day in your pajamas and best of all, Saturday morning cartoons! And, oh man! They're showing Chip 'n Dale Rescue rangers!


Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers first aired with a pilot episode in 1988. The first season run then started in 1989, premiering with a two-hour movie special called Rescue Rangers: To The Rescue. The movie was later broken up into five parts, so that it could be aired in normal episode blocks. The show ran for three seasons, airing its final episode in 1990.

Chip 'n Dale was originally created to accompany DuckTales, along with other greats such as Tailspin and Double-O Duck (later changing to Darkwing Duck).


While the titular characters of Chip 'n Dale are based off of established Disney characters, the show created some really great new characters to join in. Memorable personalities such as Monterey Jack, a cheese obsessed mouse with a strong left hook and an Australian accent, with his buzzy fly sidekick Zipper. Professor Norton Nimnul, a brilliant human scientist, who seemingly lacks any sense of logic or forward thinking for his evil plans. And my personal favorite of the show, Gadget Hackwrench, a young female mouse who is a genius inventor, mechanic and pilot.

Like many of Disney's shows of the era, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers spawned comic books, toys (even their own McDonald's Happy Meal line) and video games. And damn did it have a great theme song. How could you not love it!? It's so exciting, gets you pumped in the morning, ready to see what villains the Rescue Rangers are going to defeat this week!


Once again, Scott Bradlee and his musically inclined friends were clearly the cool kids growing up and knew full well of the greatness of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. Their great cover of the classic theme song is a perfect way to start your Saturday morning, while you try to find some adult sized footie pajamas to add to your Amazon cart along with the DVDs of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.

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