You suddenly realize it's Sunday. You figure you were so sick yesterday, you forgot what day of the week it was. Dammit! That means you slept through those great Saturday Morning cartoons!

At least there's Cartoon Network, though. And what d'you know? Powerpuff Girls is on!


The Powerpuff Girls were originally developed in 1992 by the cartoon genius, Craig McCracken. Originally created as a short titled Whoopass Stew! In '95, after a name change, the first pilot for PPG in its showcase series, World Premier Toons.

Cartoon Network liked the results and decided to push it into a full series which premiered in '98, with it's original run ending in '05.

PPG was a brilliant show. Its writing was always great. Mixing a sort of Silver Age of comics era super hero series, with messages of friendship, kindness and female empowerment twisted into the stories. All while being kid friendly, yet still tossing in enough innuendo to be entertaining to older audiences. This all lead PPG to large PPG following, which still persists to this day. Spawning toys, comic books, an anime, a manga, three CD soundtracks, multiple video games and two specials. PPG was no small beast.

But one gigantic hit show wasn't enough for McCracken. McCracken went on to also create Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, an amazing show about a foster home, for imaginary friends! McCracken has also worked on the fantastic Dexter's Laboratory and even wrote an episode of Chowder! His latest series, Wander Over Yander (which I haven't seen. If you have, let me know how it is in the comments), is currently running on Disney XD.


So all in all, it's alright to miss out on Saturday morning cartoons, sometimes. 1990s Cartoon Network has you covered.

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