It's time for Scott Bradlee & co to tickle your nostalgia bone in a way you weren't expecting.

TMNT was one of my favorite franchises, growing up. My first introduction to TMNT (that I can remember) was a teenager I didn't know, giving me a case full of action figures and a bad ass TMNT helicopter (all of which I still have).


TMNT was absolutely my thing. It featured a group of characters that were different, misfits, not accepted by society, but were still heroes that did great things. Proving that just because they weren't like everyone else, they could still be awesome.

TMNT began its life as a joke. No, seriously. Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird were brainstorming, and they drew these turtles, that were ninjas.


The concept evolved, and the duo decided to toss in their own money and a family loan, to self publish a single issue that was meant to parody a number of famous comics of the time.


The comic exploded.

Eventually, Laird and Eastman were approached with offers to expand the TMNT brand, which lead to miniatures, action figures, cartoons, video games, and even multiple live action movies.


TMNT is so ingrained in so many people's childhoods, that it's no wonder the outrage so many have at the character's look in the new upcoming film.

TMNT is a grand example of how a silly little idea, by two nerds, can explode into something that seriously touches so many people's lives.

There have been many different takes on the TMNT theme. Scott Bradlee and crew took the original theme, that just screams of the late 80s and early 90s, and turned it into something smooth and sexy.


Now quit reading this and go watch some TMNT while you play Turtles in Time, so you can have a Saturday bursting at the seams with nostalgia.

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