Saturday Morning Slow Jams - Transformers

You know I love you guys and you know I would never lie to you, so I'm going to be totally honest with you.

I didn't see Transformers until I was nearly 20.

There! I said it!

Now, the thing is, I did see a version of Transformers as a kid, called Beast Wars: Transformers. It's the only Transformers show I remember running as a kid, and I loved every second of its horrible 3D animation. So much so that I collected many of the toys, as well. Even some 'normal' Transformers toys found their way into my collection, but I viewed them more as a novelty. 'Oh! This one turns into a cool car! This one turns into a truck!' But since I had no basis for their characters, they didn't have any personality beyond the vehicles they became.


Phew. I'm really glad I could get that off my chest, guys. Thanks for listening.

So, on with our normal Saturday Morning! This week, Scott Bradlee & Co bring us their rendition of the Transformers theme.


The Transformers franchise began in 1984, as a renaming and rebranding by Hasbro of two pre-existing toy lines by Takara called Diaclone and Microman.

Hasbro developed the toy line along with the show, as broadcasting rules were be loosened to allow for product branding within children's programming. It was a perfect storm of marketing.


The original series ran from '84-'87. It kind of exploded. The original run spawned a movie, comic books, video games and even a repackaging of the original series (known as Gen 2).

The trend continued, with the Beast Wars spin off, cross-overs with G.I. Joe, more video games, comic books, and more and more versions of the original cast of Transformers in new versions of the show.


Eventually, Micheal Bay decided to ruin the franchise by making horrible live action films.

One way or another, Transformers seems like it's here to stay and I'm totally fine with that. You can never have too many badass robots that transform into other badass things.


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P.S. Gobots suck.

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