Check the TLDR section at the bottom if you're lazy

Coastal City has gone through a lot of changes in the past three years.

Since the first appearance of a super, more and more have been showing up. Heroes and villains alike. Some act alone, others in groups.


Your new super group formed about 6 months ago, as you came to understand your powers enough to actually use them in useful ways. It's time for you to try to make a difference to your fair city.

Alright, so TAYbletop has gone through some hiccups, but I'm gonna try to punch it in the gut here and get it rolling again.

My plan is to run a bi-weekly game, where each game is self contained. What this means is that a session won't have to be canceled, just because one or more players don't show up. Think of each session like a comic book. You don't always see every character in every issue. There's side-stories, spin-offs, what-ifs. So long as three players show up, we can have a session.

What you need: Time, an internet connection, a mic. Bonus points for Savage Worlds Deluxe and the Super Powers Companion (I only have the first edition of Super Powers. Hopefully I can get my hands on the second edition), and don't forget your character sheet


While it would be best for all players to have both the latest version of Savage Worlds and the Super Powers Companion, the system is simple enough that we should be okay without everyone having it. I will work with everyone individually, before the game, to help create their characters. It'll let me know what people are bringing to the table, help people learn what they're in for and give me more exposure to the building blocks of the system as well.

For the players who do wish to join in, I'll be tasking everyone with coming up with the name of your super group, any sorts of mottos you have, your team dynamics, etc. Your characters are established in this world, they know each other already. There's no 'you all meet in a tavern when a stranger gives you a note'.


I'd also prefer that we use mics, just to keep game flow going. You don't have to do a special voice or anything. Hell, I won't be, as I suck at voices. That being said, if you don't have a mic, it doesn't necessarily rule you out.

What I need: Players, GMs, art assets, writing.

I have yet to use the Savage Worlds system, but I've been wanting to for a long while. It's a pretty damn simple system, encouraging role playing and story telling, over rules crunch. So it should be pretty easy for us to all pick up together.


It would also be great to do a round robin GM thing, where someone else runs a self contained game from time to time, so I can actually get the chance to play a character. With how simple the system is, and how simple the stories can be with the setting, I figure it will be pretty damn easy for others to jump into the GM seat from time to time, but no one will be forced to do so.

Also, I love handouts. I love giving cool maps, fake news papers, flyers, secret messages etched into walls, all those silly little bits of imagery that help make the experience that much more enjoyable. However, I'm pretty bad at visual arts and damn slow at it too (one of the reason I'm aiming for bi-weekly). So if someone wants to offer up their skills to make simple handouts when sessions are being written, that would be awesome.


Lastly, it would be really great to have someone write up the 'issue' after each session. Simply going back over what happened in the session and put it together nicely.

Setting & Character Guidelines:


When thinking about what you want to play, keep in mind the world you need to fit into. Think of the original Superman, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Adam West Batman. We're going for camp, but don't go overboard with it.

You will be playing a superhero. Not a villain. You don't have to be a goody two shoes, but killing or severely maiming people won't be viewed as heroic.


As for your powers, I will work with people on putting all that together. In the meantime, let your mind run wild. Savage Worlds is a very open system. If you can think of it, we can probably make it work. Just remember that you're a fairly new hero, so your powers are still a bit limited in their scope.

Once we have characters made, I can finish up prep for the first issue and writing future issues will be easier (prepping opponents without knowing how strong they need to be, isn't fun).



Who: Everyone* is welcome, no matter their P&P experience.

What: Golden/Silver Age Superhero themed pen & paper game, using the Savage Worlds system.



When: Bi-weekly, day & time TBD based upon overall preference.

*I am wanting to foster a fun, co-operative, enjoyable experience. As such, I will use my GM powas to boot people who repeatedly act in ways which undermine that. I've run many many P&P games and have seen how quickly a group can fracture because of one person spoiling the fun.